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We realize that your business’s success is riding on more than just a climbing wall. When you collaborate with Vertical Solutions, you have the opportunity to leverage our unique advantage of being successful gym operators. No other maker of comparable climbing walls can say the same of themselves. We offer an untouchable level of insider expertise and a matching range of consulting options below. We are here to help you in every step of the process if needed; not just sell you a climbing wall.


  • Newtwon Dominey
    The Crag

    We’ve been working with Vertical Solutions for just over four months now and can honestly say their contribution was imperative to our progress. From day one their team worked with me on creating our climbing gym financial model to suit our vision and local factors. This is much more time-consuming than we could have imagined but they took us through the process to generate a polished model for success in our market. When it came time to pitch for funding, they had our back with the banks and supported us with the data and documents necessary for smooth conversations. We thought this process could take up to a year, but we were officially funded and settling on a building inside of 6 months. The Business Consulting Package from Vertical Solutions was instrumental in all of this, especially considering at the end of the day there was no additional cost.

  • Jake Crine

    We started working with the VS team two years ago and they have been consulting with us at every turn of our project, even past the traditional obligations. They were instrumental in all the necessary big items like building size, wall space, and projected membership etc. But one of our initial focuses was on maximizing profitability with retail sales, and how much supplemental monthly revenue we could generate to justify the increased efforts and purchasing costs. The VS crew worked tightly with us on the design of our retail area, the overall size, the breakdown of product categories to carry, and even all the way through setting up vendor meetings with us at the Outdoor Retailer show to set up accounts. After that, we were really keen to develop an operational model that saw us and our staff being efficiently organized from day one. This meant that they spent a lot of time with us on developing our Standard Operating Procedures, training our staff on all aspects of our business, and even setting up our retail Point of Sale system before our doors were even open. This help was truly priceless and was a no-brainer for us to add on.

What We Offer

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Business Development Package


We have a complete suite of financial and business tools to help you get your project funded and on track for profits. As owner/operators, we have a proven track record to back it up. If you are in the very beginning stages and first phase of gym ownership, you should be considering our climbing gym development package that takes the guesswork out of the process and literally gives you templates for success. The package, priced at $6000, is not meant to be a profit center for us unlike some offerings by other companies. We invest our OWN time and money in our clients, because we want you to be comfortable with the funding stage of your business, and prepare you accordingly for the important conversations you need to have. In essence, we want to pull out all of the stops to accelerate your business plan and get you to your grand opening and running successfully.

As a preliminary step, you can review a sample of the climbing gym financial projection sheets located in our Downloads & Links section below. As a part of the business development package, you would receive a unique version of this completely customized to your business plan (after consultation & discussions of course). This, among many other things like:

  • $6000 credit that will roll-up towards wall design and construction costs.
  • A fully customized Climbing Gym Financial Plan Calculator, including up to 10 hours of consultation.
  • Business plan consultation to customize our Climbing Gym Business Plan to your specific vision.
  • Full access to the entire Climbing Gym Startup Guide actions items checklist.
  • A powerpoint Climbing Gym Pitch Deck with consultation and customization.
  • Bank document templates (P&L, Financial Statement, and everything on the roadmap for an SBA loan)
  • Market demographic & population consultation.
  • Access to marketing and industry research, reports, from various outlets that inform you on who your customers are and how to engage them.

Here’s a link for payment when you want to get started.

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Climbing Gym Startup Guide

White Paper: How to Start a Climbing Gym

Becoming an entrepreneur isn't easy. Introducing the complications associated with starting a climbing gym, and you would think that the deck is heavily stacked against your success. That may have been true a decade ago, but it isn't now. Our experience in gym ownership, climbing wall design, and standing side-by-side with countless gym owners during their grand openings has led us to create the definitive guide to success in the climbing gym industry. We've curated days of research in small business ownership and the climbing industry, and compiled it all into one comprehensive document that is a must-read for any ambitious climber with a vision.

Read the LITE version of the Climbing Gym Startup Guide by clicking on the link below. It will give you a quick glance at many of the prerequisites to successfully launching a climbing gym, and the FULL VERSION with every single detail is kept exclusively for our Business Consulting clients as part of the package detailed above.

White Paper Preview: How to Start a Climbing Gym

Other Consultation Topics
  • Climbing is just one of the services that you will offer your customers if you want a well-rounded product offering. Climbing training classes, yoga, personal training, youth teams, etc. are all part of the equation you want to provide at your gym. Vertical Solutions can iron out exactly what you need to keep your audience engaged and spreading the word to their friends.

  • Retail operations are key to supplemental revenue for your business. You will have a highly engaged audience of climbers walking through your doors every single day that all purchase equipment and apparel from somewhere. Vertical Solutions will show you why it needs to be you that they buy from, and take it a step further by showing you how to integrate it into your gym floor plan.

  • Route setting is an art. The difference between good and bad setting is huge. Climbers of all abilities deserve good route setting and, in this era of modern climbing gyms, they’ve grown to expect it. Vertical Solutions makes its expert route setters available with all climbing wall packages. People come to climbing gyms to climb routes. A good wall is worthless with bad setting.

  • Getting your staff and management to function like a well-oiled machine isn’t easy. Climbing gyms need to be an environment that is light and fun, while still being professional. Vertical Solutions can coach you on how to recruit and hire the right people for your organization, and how to keep them. On top of this we can show you the specialized software tools necessary for everyday management and communications with your staff.

  • One of the best ways to get people psyched on your gym is to host a competition! This can be just a fun event for locals, or a fully sanctioned national event. Either way, Vertical Solutions can prepare you for how to run the events and give you the software you need to manage the actual competition, how to market, advertise and attract an audience and sponsors, and even profit from it.

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